Cover Letter Examples: How You Can Get Out Most of Them?

College and university students constantly receive different assignments from their professors. This is necessary in order for you to acquire certain knowledge and skills that will help you build a successful career. Every time you solve let’s say a math problem you become more professional than before.

But even if you consistently get A-grades, this is not a guarantee that you will find amazing work right after graduation.

Do you know what expectations companies have from the candidates? Of course, you want to do your best to show you can fit the requirements. But the key is not the perfect resume, the key is the right resume, the one that shows you from the best side. You can read a lot of cover letter examples for a job, and not find the answers.

Fortunately, our professional authors have solid experience in career writing. We can provide you with some useful tips, or even free you of this tedious work. Trust us, and we will help you to achieve your goals!

Why Do You Need a Cover Letter Sample at All?

A cover letter is a kind of motivational paper that reveals your personality, your expectations for this position, and your future career. In most cases, a resume is just a set of data, and it doesn’t tell an interesting story about you. When it is the first time you’re looking for a job, writing a good CL may be really challenging. Hiring managers receive a lot of CVs all the time, and they need something to stand you out. That’s why you need a cover letter sample: to read it, process the information, analyze strong and weak points, and come up with your own document on its basis.

You can easily find a simple cover letter sample on the Internet along with professional tips on how to come up with an effective CV. But it doesn’t mean you should trust all sources you can find online. Don’t forget about critical thinking since not all resume cover letter examples are really good.

Best Cover Letter Examples: The Perfect Structure

The main thing you should understand is that all papers should be well structured. When you’re writing a dissertation, a case study, it is always important to develop an outline: a plan with all sections and information you’re going to use in your document. Your job cover letter sample should be well-structured as well, and here are the main parts of the brilliant paper.

Contact Information

When reading some professional cover letter examples, it is impossible to ignore the fact that all of them start with your contact information. It is necessary in order to help the hiring manager to reach you whenever he or she decides to do it. Don’t make your future employer look for information about you. Most likely, the recruiter will just close the document if it doesn’t contain this data.

Take a look:

  • [email protected];
  • 344-752-8749;
  • New York, USA;
  • Skype: Melissa34

Of course, we are writing about Melissa, who doesn’t actually exist. You should replace this data with your own.

Information About the Contact Person

The next thing you will definitely mention in long and short cover letter examples is the information about the contact person. It is important to include the name of the recruiter, and if you don’t know it, write the title of the department. Don’t write something like “Dear all”, or “To whom it may concern”. Indicate the date of CL submitting.


All job and internship cover letter examples have an introduction. It is a brief section with your greetings and the main information about who you are and why you are writing this paper. Take a look:

Dear Ms. Peterson,

I’m Melissa Trintsman from New York University. I’m a marketing student, and I’m writing to express my interest in your internship program. I learned about your company through my friends who have participated in this program in previous years. I’ve also visited your website to check the current requirements and to ensure I meet your expectations. I’ve immersed myself in your impressive experience in the logistics industry, and I’m looking forward to learning from your specialists.

This introduction is brief but pretty informative. You should understand that it is the only opportunity to make the first impression, and you just can’t miss it. So, if you’re interested in this company, don’t wait, show your passion right now. It is important to show that you’ve conducted some research, found information, and analyzed it.

Still, the introduction is the most difficult part since you may have an amazing CL, but can’t come up with a catchy introduction to start with a bang. In this case, you may contact our professionals to get help and forget about issues related to the writing process!

The Main Part 

Reading some good cover letter examples, you will understand that there is no universal approach to achieve your goals. All people are unique, and they have their unique writing styles, habits, mindsets, etc. What is also unique is your recruiting manager. You can send one paper to two companies and receive just one offer. It is not because your CV is not good enough; it is because the second company had other expectations.

When you’re going to compile the main body of your paper, you need to read the job description several times. You need to understand what these people expect of you and what qualities, knowledge, skills, the experience you should write about. Besides, many enterprises ask candidates to answer some questions, to provide information about their hobbies, to analyze the case, and to create a couple of ideas for this particular company.

That’s why reading the sample cover letter for an internship, or a job is not always a good idea. Sometimes you need a really individual approach, at least for the main part of your paper.

The Conclusion

The final section of your CL is usually a formality, so you can follow some successful examples. Write something like:

I’m looking forward to our meeting to discuss the details and answer your questions. Please let me know if you have any feedback for me. You can reach me by phone at 344-752-8749 or by email at [email protected].

Thank you for your consideration.


Melissa Trintsman

As you can see, it is important to be nice and polite. Show your attitude so that the hiring manager can understand that you’re able to formulate your thoughts correctly and communicate with different people.

Our professional authors are always ready to have your back. They can provide you with a brief but inspiring conclusion that will not leave any doubts: you’re the perfect match for this position!

Job Cover Letter Sample: The Main Information to Pay Attention To

If you don’t know how to write a perfect CL, the first step you should take is to realize that you need professional assistance. You can even hire an author who will come up with a general cover letter sample or a specialized paper just for you. Or you can explore various tips, advice, take a look at the most popular cover letter examples, and write this document itself. When you have the final draft, it would be a perfect idea to ask someone to provide you with feedback.

So, what should you do if you want to get out most of the best cover letter examples? Open several different documents and look for something all of them have in common. You can pay attention to the fact that the CL structure may be different in different countries. We’re going to provide you with a universal professional cover letter sample that is accepted in the USA. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be flexible: if you think you can make edits, do it.

Long and Short Cover Letter Examples: What Should You Remember About

Whenever you look for some content pieces on the Internet, you should think about what your own paper will look like. If something is posted online, it doesn’t matter that it is 100% appropriate; that’s why we advise you to check information on different sources and compare the various templates. There are also some important recommendations to consider if you want to come up with a decent result.

Avoid plagiarism

Of course, your CL is not a term paper, and most likely, the hiring manager won’t use plagiarism-checking software. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just copy someone else’s content. It is a kind of scam, and it is something that is really inappropriate. Moreover, if you’re applying for several job positions or internships, it is very important to come up with unique letters for all of them. The hiring manager should see that you’re writing for this particular company, that you’re interested in this vacancy, and you’re doing your best to reach this goal. 

Proofread the final draft

We remember that it is not an educational assignment, and you don’t have the task to boost your grades. You may think that it is a reason to avoid proofreading, but it is definitely not.

The C-grade is not so important as the rejection of your application. Yes, you can be a perfect specialist with the necessary skills, solid knowledge, valuable experience, and so on. But if you deliver the paper with mistakes, typos, and other flaws, you can easily spoil the impression from your amazing CV.  That’s why you should proofread your draft with a keen eye before you deliver it. Or you can hire an editor who will help you to ensure that everything is ok, and the paper is flawless.

Make it personalized

When looking for a job or new career opportunities, it’s absolutely okay if you want to show your best side. You want recruiters to have no doubts at all: you are the best candidate. However, it is important to realize that the best does not always mean perfect. The first thing recruiters expect from you is, to be honest, and sincere.

You may not be perfect, especially if you are a student or just completed your degree. All people have a different set of hard and soft skills, and it’s okay if you have any difficulties. You may not have experience of working in a team, knowledge of any specific programs, and you may even be a little shy. This is all completely normal if you are honest about it.

Try to find cover letters that are not compiled to show you the structure. Look at real papers written by people who are currently working in big corporations, such as FAANG companies. You’ll see that they are very sincere. People write about their advantages and disadvantages, and you also should show that you know your weak points, and you’re ready to work with them. This approach is very efficient since it makes your CL personalized. It shows who you are, and who knows, maybe you’re really the person this concrete company looks for. 

Buy Your Professional Cover Letter Sample to Get the Desired Result!

If you understand that you need a long or a short cover letter sample, and you’re really not the best writer, don’t worry. There are some opportunities you can use to reach your goals. For example, you can hire a professional writer who is able to provide you with the paper in accordance with your instructions. It is definitely not the same thing as copying a good template from the Internet. You will receive a unique and personalized document with the necessary information, appropriate formatting, without plagiarism and errors. You can make some edits depending on the company’s requirements.

Professional writing services can save you pretty much time and effort. Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain the position you want!